• Lifestyle

    What Makes A Successful Essay?

    With March approaching, the next coursework deadline is likely to be only a few weeks away along with the frantic typing minutes before the deadline. When you first look at the brief it may seem [...]
  • Books

    [REVIEW] Writing For Science Students

    Overview Writing For Science Students is another great addition to the Palgrave Study Skills collection and it  is a fantastic book to have for students on any science related course. It features guidance on every [...]
  • Addicted...Social media is the biggest threat to Adam's degree. Image: Jason Howie (Flickr)

    5 Strangest apps available for downloading

    There are thousands of useful applications that we use each day on our phones, tablets and computers. From calculators to Facebook messenger, they provide a helping hand in our daily lives. There is however another [...]
  • National Politics

    2018: Year of the Woman?

    With 2018 beginning, we celebrate the centenary of women getting the vote! Of course, as any historian will tell you – the Representation of the People Act in 1918, while extending the franchise to all [...]

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