10 things you need at universtiy

395849999_fea40c3cb3_oBy Beth Rochester – Reporter

When going to university all of a sudden your entire life is packed up in boxes and cases (well maybe not your entire life) and then you have to move them all into a new place.

Apart from the obvious essentials (e.g. clothes, duvet, pillows) what exactly do you need at university? Well don’t panic, we have the top ten things you need at uni right here!

1) A Diary – An easy and efficient way of keeping track of assignments, deadlines and of course the all important socials.

2) An Alarm Clock – For the 9am lectures that are always put on after you’ve been out the night before.

3) Alcohol – Despite the stereotype of students being drunks we are young and need to live a little. Plus if you get them as presents its less for you to spend during Fresher’s.

4) An extension cable – There is a guarantee that there will never be enough plugs sockets.

5) Desk Lamp – Instead of having the constant glare of the main light. Plus it’s even better for movie nights.

6) First Aid Kit – You never know when you’ll need paracetamol and fresher’s flu will catch up with you one day.

7) Extra Storage Boxes – Yhere is always a guarantee that you’ll run out of room.

8) Extra Hangers – You cannot live off four the entire year.

9) Basic Cleaning Supplies – You’d be surprised how much mess can be created in a small amount of time.

10) Doorstop – So you can socialise without even leaving your bed!

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