2016 Police and Crime Commissioner Results

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Labour incumbent Clive Grunshaw has beaten other candidates to be re-elected as Lancashire Constabulary’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

The voting system used, named Supplementary Vote, asks voters to mark a first and second preference for their choice. After all the first preferences are calculated, if no candidate has over 50%, the top two candidates continue to a second round, and the second preferences are counted. At this stage, the candidate with the most votes wins.

In the first round of voting, Clive Grunshaw won 132,261 votes. The Conservative candidate, Andy Pratt won 96,746, while UKIP’s James Barker, who contested the Preston constituency at last year’s General Election, finished third with 49,987 votes. Graham Roach, the Liberal Democrat candidate, was fourth with 23,164 votes.

9,697 ballot papers were rejected, with a county-wide turnout of 29%, equating to 311,855 people voting. As Grunshaw did not win a majority, the vote went to the second round, where he won with 152,714 votes to Pratt’s 118,941.


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