21 Years of Friends: Our favourite moments


By Caitlin Mclaren- Chief Culture Reporter

It’s Friends 21st Birthday today! One of the most successful comedy series to come from the USA has a whopping ten seasons. The celebration has been a treat for fans as Channel 5 has embraced the birthday by airing 10 back to back shows from midday today to make a perfect lazy Sunday! The iconic series has had many unmissable moments, here’s the characters greatest moments!


Smelly cat. Need I say more? The scene when she gets all of the gang to sing along to the classic song. The track is so legendary that recently, Taylor Swift got her onstage at a gig to sing a cover of the song live. Remarkably it also got a music video which Phoebe’s voice was dubbed over


‘Joey doesn’t share food!’ – When his girlfriend keeps taking his fries, he comes up with a plan to order an extra plate of fries but she keeps wanting what he’s got his plate! He refuses to give her any but tables are turned when she orders a dessert that Joey wants to try. He doesn’t like a taste of his own medicine but when she leaves for the bathroom, he devours it!


The proposal to Chandler, just when you thought she went back to Richard. That heart sinking moment when you think it’s all gone wrong and Chandler’s plan of proposing backfires and he steps into the flat. Surrounded by candles, she gets on one knee and proposes herself!


With the history between Ross and Rachel, you think it’s finally time he moves on. When meeting Emily, Ross becomes impulsive and you think they are the dream couple. A month into their relationship, they decide to get married in London! As you think they’re about to get married, Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s. Well that’s another girl gone and everyone knows the inevitable.


‘I got off the plane’. The moment when you realise that Ross and Rachel are meant for each other. After Ross thinks he’s never gonna see her again because she’s accepted a job in Paris and the voicemail that leaves you hanging, Rachel’s voice exclaims that she actually did get off the plane.


The hopeless Chandler and that moment in London when you know that Monica and him are going to make a go of their relationship together. Once they kiss, one thing leads to another and in the morning, Ross runs in the room with excitement because of his marriage. Chandler is sat up in his bed and once Ross leaves, Monica whips the duvet off herself and the audience screams!

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