3 ways to achieve ‘beach hair’


By Lucy Hill – Chief Lifestyle Reporter

In summer, styling your hair is a nightmare for most girls. That’s why our Lifestyle team decided to test and review 3 hair products and see which is best.

First off is Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Style Matte Gum. This product is unisex, is suitable for most hair types, which is a plus and is a bargain at £5.99. Something in particular I noticed about the product was the smell, which is fruity and very pleasant. The texture was surprisingly lightweight, which made it easy to work through the hair. A tip for using this type of product is to warm the gum between your hands by rubbing them together and then lightly working it through towel dried hair, bit by bit, whilst scrunching the ends of your hair as you go. In terms of longevity, this product stayed put all day, which was pretty impressive. The only negative to this product is that it can leave your hair feeling a little sticky if you apply to much and would ruin the matte texture.

Results from the Garnier Matte Gum
Results from the Garnier Matte Gum

Beauty Score: 8/10

The second product was one I created myself, making it the cheapest of them all. All you need to do is mix water and salt together and add it to a spray bottle to create a saltwater spray. This option was probably the kindest to my hair, as it gave the lightest feeling results. After applying, dry your hair slightly and leave the rest to dry naturally for that ‘just out of the sea’ look. This product does not last as long as the others, but is better for more of a beach waves look. An additional benefit of using a saltwater spray is that saltwater can lighten your hair when used regularly, intensifying natural highlights, especially when mixed with lemon juice.

Beauty Score: 9/10

The final product is the Shockwaves Curls and Waves Mousse. This product is a great way to get the ultimate beach look, without the hassle of having to scrunch the ends of your hair. Instead, this product allows you to let your hair fall naturally into beach style, loose waves. The lightweight texture of the mousse gave my hair a lovely, soft feeling. This product is best applied to dry hair, rather than wet or damp hair. A tip for using this product is to tip your head upside down while using it and to work it through the hair by ruffling and running your fingers through your hair with the product, to give it more of a lift. Using the product on your roots makes for a longer lasting, more voluminous look. This product worked well on my fine hair, giving it a soft feeling but it didn’t allow my hair to maintain its shape for as long as the other two products. As a result, I would recommend using hairspray to extend the longevity, despite the ‘long lasting hold’ description on the bottle. This product also claims to be humidity resistant, which I found to be true, as my usually frizzy hair remained calm. The product left me with nice, bouncy waves, which I loved. R.I.P flat hair.

Results from the Shockwaves Gum
Results from the Shockwaves Mousse

Beauty Score: 7.5/10

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