3D Model Mementos for UCLan Graduates


By Joe Willetts – Online News Editor

UCLan Students will be able to have a 3D model of themselves printed at this year’s Graduation Ceremony.

Printing Company Stratify.ME will be creating 3D figurines, or minimals, of graduating UCLan students in full graduation attire from the 13th to 16th July. With UCLan will be one of only five universities to offer this service.

3D scanning photo booths are to be set up in the Harris Museum on all three graduation days, and will capture facial and body details in seconds using 128 digital SLR cameras.

Students can pre book their time slots online at www.minimals.me and receive a discount on their on their own 3D memento. Graduates will also be able to queue on the day if they have not booked.

Prices range from £109 for a 5” figurine to £179 for an 8” model. Not including the £10 pre booking discount. Those who order models on graduation day will need to pay a deposit and will receive their finished model in six to eight weeks.

CEO of Stratify, Steven Hallissey said: “If the figurines are popular, Stratify could become an endorsed partner of UCLan by November. Meaning students will be able to pre book directly from the UCLan website.”


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