5 Books We Need as Films!

BooksBy Luke Meyers

It seems nowadays that any good new book will eventually make its way onto the big screen. There has been an influx of novel to film adaptations in recent years. So with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and twilight all having had their turn, and with the final instalment of the Hunger Games just around the corner. People are beginning to wonder what the next cinematic masterpiece to come from our bookshelves will be. Maybe we could offer a few suggestions.

1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime – Mark Haddon

This mystery novel, published in 2003 follows the adventures of 15 year old autistic teenager Christopher John Francis Boone. He solves the murder of his next door neighbour’s dog, and treks across London in search of his mother. Haddon’s book has already been converted into a highly successful play, which after having impressed both on the west end and Broadway. Has won 7 Oliviers and 5 Tonys, along with many other awards. Having conquered the page and the stage, surely it can’t be long before we see a film version.

2. Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

This suggestion could be considered cheating since Jojo Moyes’ heartbreaking novel about an unlikely relationship is already set for release on the big screen in June 2016. This touching romance tells the story of Louisa Clark and her unusual relationship with a paralysed Will Traynor. This tragic yet inspiring tale of love and loss is definitely one to look out for next year.

3. Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

Set in a parallel world where white supremacy never existed, Noughts and Crosses is the first in a series of books which confront the issue of racism by asking what if? What if it was the other way round? Set in a world where the black Crosses have all the power, and white Noughts have been forced into slavery, Malorie Blackman throws the reader into a Romeo and Juliet style love story in the midst of terrorist warfare between the Noughts and the Crosses. If ever there was a need for a film like this it’s now.

4. Now You See Me – Emma Haughton

This highly popular book was released last year. Partially Set three years in the past Now You See Me uses entire chapters of flashback to tell the story of how thirteen year old Danny, disappears without any trace, Coupled with chapters in the present which tell the story of what happens when his family and friends are offered a new hope. But do they really want to know the truth. Haughton’s book would certainly make a fantastic thriller, and the flashback effect, if used correctly, could have a remarkable impact.

5. The Odyssey – Homer

Whilst a vast number of fantastic books have been released in the past few decades, some of the best literature is centuries old, and can even stretch back millennia. Homer’s Odyssey for example depicts the epic journey of the Ancient Greek hero Odysseus as he travels back from the Trojan War. The events described within the colossal poem span a time period of roughly ten years. In that time Odysseus runs in to just about anything you could ask for in a good action adventure film. Giant Cyclopses, sirens, Gods, witches, he even takes time to visit the underworld. Granted Honer’s epic has already made an appearance on the big screen, but the 1997 film was not a fantastic representation of the original story. It just seems to be about time this phenomenal piece of literature got the blockbuster it deserves.

What books are you dying to see on the big screen? Let us know in either a comment below or by tweeting @UCLanPluto with the hashtag #BookyFilms

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