5 Marvel Characters Who Need A Netflix Show!

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

We had to choose Netflix, you know why? Have you seen Jessica Jones and Daredevil? Well both are the perfect combination between drama and violence!

So below are 5 heroes that need their own shows so we can marvel in more….Marvel! 


Black Widow


Why she hasn’t even got her own movie yet I don’t know, she’s one of the most complex characters within the universe with one of the most interesting yet upsetting backstories. She is so strong yet knows that it’s okay to show a fragile side, a concept little girls need to made more aware of. She’s smart, witty and loyal to her friends, a true ally if there ever was one.



Sure he’s in the movies but this talented archer doesn’t get half of the recognition he deserves. We found out in Age of Ultron that he has a family, a secret that’s been under wraps for quite some time. Who doesn’t want to see Clint dabbling in a bit of farm maintenance and beating up bad guys every now and then?

She Hulk


She is one of the most prolific characters within the Marvel Universe serving as an emblem for gender equality and being a badass criminal lawyer. While receiving similar powers to her male counterpart, she has been a part of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D, all within the comics of course. It’s about time our female superheroes started getting more recognition, but thanks to Jessica Jones and Agent Carter, we’re slowly but surely getting there.


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Don’t fight me on this, you know it’s true. While the film hit cinemas back in February, it got that popular, they have already confirmed scheduling for a second one. Like Black Widow, he’s another character with an interesting past that hasn’t really been explored yet. He could be doing anything from burning breakfast to slicing people in half while singing Careless Whisper and I’d be happy. I need more Wade Wilson in my life.

Captain Marvel

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Carol Danvers is a deeply loved heroine of the Marvel Universe and started off just like any normal person. She is known not just for her struggles which included alcoholism but for her strength when she overcame it. And also, being best friends with Jessica Jones in the comic’s means there’s potential for a crossover sometime soon. Although she did receive powers, her human tendencies make it that more realistic.

It was hard to pick only five as more characters deserve air time, and I hope that in due time, they will all get the recognition they deserve.

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