5 Things We Don’t Want In Captain America: Civil War

Caitlin Mclaren

So with Captain America’s third installment Civil War hitting the screens this week, here’s a list of things we don’t want to happen:

A Bad Spiderman


*Warning, this paragraph may offend Andrew Garfield lovers* Okay, so I loved Tobey Maguire as Spiderman, he was the perfect nerd/ superhero. To me, Garfield didn’t cut it…at all. He tried time and time again to provide comic relief and failed miserably. Please, Marvel don’t do this to me again and provide a Spiderman who is right for the role!


I know what happens in the comics which is why it makes this part all the more significant. We are getting used to our friendly faced family and we don’t want a massive death to happen just as we are all getting to know the ins and outs of the Avengers!

No Real Outcome

Imagine, all this over nothing. Nothing changes at all. I have to say it is my worst nightmare. I want a strong beginning, middle and a conclusive end. Obviously, it will lead onto other films so some of the plot lines have to be left wide open! Just don’t leave us in the dark about anything that happens.

The lack of Thor


My personal favourite from the bunch and he’s not even going to show up and stop everyone from arguing? He must be really busy with Loki…anyway I would appreciate if Thor makes at least one cameo so we can have a catch up, just to make sure, you know, he’s doing well?

Guys, please just don’t fight.

This one may sound a bit silly, but please just settle your differences and all just become a big happy family again…please!

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