5 Things We Need From Captain America: Civil War

Caitlin Mclaren

With Captain America: Civil War hitting our screens in the UK tonight, here are five things I’d personally like to gain after watching the film. I tried to leave out spoilers from the comics and focus on that of what we’ve seen from the films so far.

We want heroes!

So Black Panther and Spiderman have already been confirmed, but is it too much to ask for a little more? I want cameos. Tons of cameos. Cameos of upcoming heros. Cameos of recently introduced heroes. Cameos of TV series heroes. Just anyone you can possible get to be in a cameo, do it!

Can we have a little acknowledgement? 

I want to start seeing the TV heroes and Film heroes come together and start intertwining their story lines. This would open options for more things to happen in the future! I myself have been a massive fan of what they’ve released as TV series so far. Especially Jessica Jones and Daredevil!

We need more information about the Hulk!

After the Hulk went flying off to the other side of the world leaving Black Widow in pieces (I know, how could he?) I’d like a bit more information, just you know? If he’s okay, how’s he finding the weather on the other side of the world!

Doctor Strange!

Doctor Strange is due for release late this year so we want a teaser! Anything from a cameo to an after credit scene! I’m just too excited for all these Marvel films coming out that I need my constant reassurance that it’s all actually happening…and fast!

More Falcon, everyone loves Falcon. 

This one is personal to me, I love Falcon. I want Falcon all over the screen in every single scene!

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