What is the 50:50 Parliament Campaign?

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Image: Pulse Media

The 50:50 Parliament Campaign is a movement to get the Parliament of the United Kingdom gender-balanced. Since the first woman was elected to Parliament in 1918, there have been 16,566 seats that could be filled. Of those 16,566, only a mere 450 have been women. Between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, less than 30% of Parliamentarians are women.

They claim that based on the rate gender diversity is increasing naturally, it would take fifty years before Parliament becomes gender balanced of its own accord. As such, the campaign seeks to improve this in other ways.

These may include measures like all-women shortlists, in which a party only allows women to be shortlisted for a winnable seat, or an “A-List” like former Prime Minister David Cameron used, in which potential high-climbing women are identified and parachuted into winnable seats.

The Campaign is cross-party, and has supporters in all of the UK’s seven major political parties.

To find out more about the 50:50 Parliament Campaign, click here

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