£65,000 Arts Festival to come to Preston

Preston_Flag_MarketBy Joe Willetts – Online News Editor

Preston’s three day arts festival commences on the 25th September and is set to transform the city with Chinese-style canopies and lanterns connecting the Flag and Covered markets to the Harris Museum.

The festival coinciding with Freshers Week and UCLan will be given early access on the 24th September to introduce new students to the city and use the canopies to host welcome lectures.

Included within the festival is the Preston Pride 2015 event on the 26th September and the annual Preston Run the following day which students can participate in. Food and drinks will be available throughout the event and each night will be closed with live music.

The festival aims to identify popular and profitable ideas that could back up Preston City Council’s proposals for a Lancashire Festival every two years starting 2016.

As part of the cultural focus Preston City Council are inviting proposals from local individuals and businesses to commission pieces that can decorate the canopies during the festival. Performers are also encouraged to apply. There is funding of up to £2000 available per act to work as commission for their work.

The centre piece of the festival will be the Peoples Canopy outside the Harris Museum which will host a commissioned piece with a value of £5000. This piece is yet to be decided.

The total cost of the festival is estimated at £65,000.

Councillor Veronica Afrin told the Lancashire Evening Post that “During the three day festival the city will be bustling with added entertainment for people visiting the city centre.”

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