7 apps to help students

iphone-410311_1280By Philip Moss – Reporter

Whether you are a starry eyed fresher full of optimism or a veteran third year we can all do with a little help wherever we can get it. I say look no further than your smartphone or tablet to begin with; here are some apps that are definitely useful for students when navigating the ups and downs of a year at university.

1.Blackboard – UCLan uses blackboard for a whole host of things including posting lecture notes and resources, dates and deadlines, timetables and essay details and submissions. University life is much easier when all this academic stuff is at your fingertips.

2. Microsoft word – To begin with you will be able to hook up your UCLan Office 365 account to the app allowing you to look at, edit and send files you have written previously. In addition, whether you are paper averse or forgetful like me you will be able to take lecture notes using the app.

3. UNiDAYS – This app is packed with online and retail store discounts only available to students. One of the bonuses of being are the discounts available to you in a whole host of places, begin finding them with the help of this app.

4. Just Eat – Whether you need a quick hangover cure or just can’t be bothered to cook Just Eat have the vast majority of food outlets ready to be ordered from your smartphone. It’s also worth knowing a number of places include a 20% discount when ordering through the app.

5. Spotify – A must have for music lovers is Spotify. Free to use or advert free with a monthly fee (50% discount for students) Spotify has millions of songs for you to listen to. Useful for studying and definitely useful for pre drinking, Spotify is a must have app.

6. Yik Yak – A unique social app that asks users to follow a ‘herd’ based on their location, set your herd to UCLan Preston for a twitter style feed of anonymous anecdotes, jokes and insights from around campus. Posts are up voted or down voted keeping the content fresh and it’s a great way to connect with a whole range of people across the university.

7. FlipBoard – An app that labels itself as your personal magazine and delivers the goods. You personalise the app to bring you stories and content that matter to you. Ranging from politics to gaming this app is bursting with articles and is updated daily making it easy to be up to date with the news in an otherwise hectic lifestyle.

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