A chocolatey transformation

Jack Evans - Reporter

Over the years chocolate bars have changed significantly, with new flavours, new brands and new ideas. Some of the nation’s favourite chocolate bars still remain on the market and seem to have the same great taste yet are notably smaller. This is not just specific to one chocolate bar but most of the original chocolate bars have a lower weight compared to that of 20 years ago. In this article, we explore what those changes are and examine some of the reasons behind them.

The table below summarises the change in weight for a few of the leading chocolates on the market:

  Previous weight (g) Current weight (g) Percentage decrease (%)
Yorkie 70 46 34.3
Snickers 58 48 17.2
Smarties bag 175 147 16.0
Munchies pouch 150 126 16.0
Wagon wheel 41 36 12.2
Mars 58 51 12.1
Dairy Milk 49 45 8.2

The Yorkie displays the greatest percentage decrease in weight compared to the other chocolate products coming in at a startling 34.3%, followed by Snickers at 17.2% and Smarties/Munchies at joint 16%. These are our top four offenders out of the selected products and have been hit hard by chocolate transformation.

Despite the changes in weight over the years, the prices remain fairly static.

We are paying the same amount for our beloved brands but receiving less chocolate in return, so why has this happened?

There have been many reasons put forward by the manufactures of these brands to defend the chocolate bar changes. One explanation is the pressure put on manufactures to provide a specific calorie intake, so to reach these reformed guidelines the chocolate has had to reduce in weight. The coca beans themselves have increased in price along with other considerations such as inflation in manufacturing costs, so to keep the price the same the bars have been scaled down.

What other benefits are there for downsizing bars?

There are health benefits for the downsizing of bars for example, the reduction of chocolate weight may play a small role in reducing obesity. With less chocolate per bar meaning fewer calories consumed.

Chocolate bars have definitely transformed over the years and the reduction in weight has been a grey area where the manufactures and consumers have been at loggerhead. Perhaps the weight of the chocolate bars has finally settled or maybe another twenty years will produce even smaller bars, who knows.

Something to consider: would you rather pay more money for a larger bar or pay the same price for a smaller bar?

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