A Disturbance in the Force?


Yesterday, the anticipated trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released and the inner-nerd in us all squealed with joy. Its release was timed to coincide with Star Wars Celebration taking place in California, one of the biggest days for Star Wars mega fans.

After the first trailer was released, which seems like a lifetime ago, we realised we still had year to wait, which is a terrible thing if you’re impatient like me. Four months later and the new teaser was amazing. Whereas with the first teaser I was left feeling like something was missing from it, with the new trailer I feel like there is something missing from my life; it had the right balance of giving prelude to the story, whilst leaving me with a thousand questions, balanced with enough action shots to make me believe I will not be bored in the cinema counting the ceiling tiles as I have many times before.

However, attention has been split today due to the leak of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Which was leaked from an international viewing containing Portuguese subtitles.

I’m not going to lie to you here, I wish they’d kept this trailer to themselves.

As a Batman fan whose entire pyjama collection is all Batman themed, I feel overwhelmed with disappointment at this leaked trailer. To start with, was the resemblance between Lego Batman and this new Batman intended? Or are they trying to making Batman seem like Ironman to piggyback on Marvel’s success when it came to superhero movies. In my opinion Batman should not have a mechanical suit, his strength has always come from his intelligence. Yes, Batman has used gadgets like the ‘Batarang’ or the famous ‘Batmobile’ but the mechanics were always to extend Batman’s skill set not to be Batman’s skill set.

However, I do somewhat like what they have done with Superman, from what I can see in this teaser anyways. From what assumptions I made from the trailer they’re questioning Superman’s powers and hinting towards a dark side to Superman.

My main concern is that they’re going to ruin Batman, but with all the hype surrounding Star Wars it gives Sci-fi fans hope and something to look forwards to for the end of this year.

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  1. I have to say, it’s rather amusing to see a self-confessed Batman aficionado be completely unaware of Frank Miller’s seminal 1986 graphic novel, “The Dark Knight Returns”, and how the very concept of “Batman V Superman” as a film, including the mechanical suit, is directly inspired by that very novel.

    Is it attempting to piggyback on the success of, arguably, Marvel’s most successful standalone franchise, or is it remaining faithful to the inspiration for the film that came out over 20 years before Marvel’s – and Iron Man’s for that matter – mainstream cinematic success?

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