A Very UCLan Christmas

Laura Creighton - Deputy Editor

UCLan SU gearing up for the big day

UCLan Student’s Union staff will once again be hosting a free Christmas day meal for those students who are unable to make it home for the holiday.

This event has become a traditional one in the SU, as international students cannot always get home for it, as well as those who may have work commitments, or diverse home lives.

This event means those students do not have to face the day alone, or spend money on a sometimes-expensive commute home.

Staff have agreed to stay on to cook and serve the meal in the Atrium on December 25, with Christmas films, and fun activities to make it a memorable day for everyone.

Also in keeping with the tradition of fellow SAC officers helping with the event, Campaigns Officer Lily Green will be volunteering on the day.

She stated: “I absolutely love Christmas, and it will be so good to hang out with some students and make sure that we all have a great day! My 10-year-old sister is so excited for this as well, and she has even asked me to bring her with me so that we can volunteer together!

“I really encourage anyone that might be free for a couple of hours to come and help us and I really look forward to seeing you all!”

The event is only possible because of volunteers, and if any students would like to volunteer to help on the day, and join in the festivities, fill in the form on uclansu.com/christmasvolunteering or contact SU President Sana Iqbal for more information.

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