Adjusting to University Life

study-789631_1280By Alice Hudson – Reporter

Congrats, you made it to university, and with that comes a lot of mixed feelings. When you first move to university it can be quite daunting to leave your family and friends behind. But don’t worry, you’ll have opportunities to make new friends here at UCLan. This doesn’t mean you have to forget about your old friends and family, keep in contact.

But now you have your own space, and total freedom to be an adult and do whatever you want. This is the time to do what you want and to enjoy it.

UCLan run a Mentor scheme which is a fantastic service for all new students who worry they won’t make any friends. The university will match you with somebody fairly quickly that can offer you advice and friendship for as long as you need it. The Mentor scheme also run day trips and events to introduce you to other students you can become friends with.

If you really are struggling, be sure to speak to somebody. UCLan have a counselling service and GP where you can get advice on how to cope.

Another worrying thing about being away from home is money. It is crucial that you manage your money early on so that you don’t run out half way through the first term.

Student Finance customers will receive their money in September, January and April, so it’s important that if they’re your main source of income that you budget accordingly. That’s not saying don’t enjoy your social life, go for it. But it could be an idea to set some living expenses aside for bills, books and shopping etc before your lectures start. And it’s very important you pay your rent as soon as you can, this way you’ll know everything is paid for in advance and the rest of the cash is yours to have a good time with.

Also, look anywhere on the web for minimal ingredient recipes that you can freeze. That way your food is covered and you’ll save yourself even more money. Take advantage of Source, Adelphi and Roper Hall for their student budget menus if you fancy eating out.

UCLan offer a short term loan scheme to help you out if you run out of funds. They also offer certain schemes to help those out in financially difficult situations. For more info contact the ‘i’.

Now we have money out of the way it’s important we look at what university is actually like.

Lectures, seminars and workshops are all quite different to what you might have experienced at college. Lectures in particular are quite difficult to keep up with when you first start.

Most of university work is done in your own time so you’ll be doing lots of reading and research. But please don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. The great thing about university is that you can email lecturers directly if you are struggling or have more questions.

Preston may have gloomy weather most of the year but there is always something to do. Look out on Pluto’s website for events coming up in the area and go to as many as you can handle. The nightlife is great, as it caters well for all students. If drinking isn’t your thing be sure to check out the SU website where you can sign up to societies and read about upcoming trips. Most importantly, enjoy your time at university and the perks that come with being a student.




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