10 Affordable Drink Mixes

By Gabrielle Ball



Let’s not deny it, for many of us university is about getting drunk and having a good time. We’re all just there to get a degree in the meantime, right? Being a student and going out so much though does mean you really do have to watch those pennies, especially during Fresher’s week, where you’re expected to go out every night go wild, and be crazy.

As much as you may be a rose and prosecco fan, it’s just really a no go at university. You won’t be able to afford it all year round, so change your drinking habits now. So, here’s some top drinking tips:

1. Frosty Jacks is the way forward. Add some vimto and its drinkable. Not the nicest taste in the world, but it gets your drunk.

2. Soak gummy bears and Harribos in vodka, they’re the perfect nibbles when you’re hosting pre drinks and house parties.

3. Make slushies! Freeze your favourite drink and mixer in a freezable bag – ta dah!

4. When a party runs out of mixers, just pour some whisky into a cold beer. Thank me later.tumblr_m9t11aRvyk1rw2usj

5. Jesus Juice (Dr Pepper and red wine). It’s also God approved.

6. Also, try tango and red wine. Never tried it but sounds a bit different.

7. Say hello to El Dew (mountain dew and the cheapest tequila you can get your hands on).

8. Make a ‘Pink Panty Dropper’. A magical mixture of lemonade, cheap beer and vodka. You probably won’t make it out…

9. Extend the life of a box of wine by adding coke when it’s half empty.

10. Always, if ever possible, take it to the next level by adding a little red bull. Just don’t expect to make it to your lecture the next day.

Have fun, get drunk, but be safe and sensible!

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