Am I Not Black Enough For You?

Georgie Smith-Charles - Reporter

I am a mixed-race woman. Every day, I hear people talk about me like I’m less than them because I’m not 100% black or 100% white. I’m not half caste. I’m not 50% black and 50% white either. I’m 100% mixed race. Don’t demean me by watering down my achievements so only the colour of my parents’ skin counts. I’m en route to get on to a second masters degree. I am so much more than “50% black and 50% white”.

I am a mixed-race woman. It’s normal for me to receive abuse and disdain from both the black and white communities because I don’t fit in. Even prominent campus BME rights supporters have judged me because I don’t fit in with their concept of what a black woman should look like. It’s normal for people to be shocked that I am mixed race or even question me, as if don’t know who I am or who my parents are.

I am a mixed-race woman. I get the worst of both worlds. I have to hear all the disgusting stereotypes that are thrown around about black people, and then I have to hear people insult white people as a whole for the actions of people like Donald Trump. No person should have to deal with this. I hate being a race war within myself.

I am a mixed-race woman. I am getting sick and tired of having to explain to people that I’m not white. The colour of my skin was luck of the draw. I was born light. If I have a son, he could be born dark. And I will forever have to explain to people that no, I’ve not cheated on my white boyfriend. It’s just genetics.

I am a mixed-race woman. I should not have to live with this.

I am a mixed-race woman. I experience racism every day.

I am a mixed-race woman. I have had enough.


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