And The Winner Is… Ed Evans

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Activities and Participation Officer-Elect Ed Evans

Next in our SAC lineup is Activities and Participation Officer-Elect (APO-Elect) Ed Evans


How do you feel about winning?

It feels amazing to have won in the elections but it was truly made by the others that were running other campaigns and it was nice to join them in trying to fight for the ideas we strongly believed in and try and enhance the student experience here at UCLan. The idea of being APO hasn’t really sank in yet but I’m excited for the year to come.

What is your first priority in your role?

My main priorities are to continue and build on the success of the current SAC team then try to achieve the points discussed in my manifesto. I’m really keen to tackle major issues and start to make everyone proud of UCLan and we can have a really fun year.

How will you know if you’ve succeeded?

I will know when I’ve succeeded when there is no longer a wall dividing sports clubs and societies; I have many fresh ideas that will boost numbers and interests in both. An increase in participation will start to create opportunities for new exciting events.

Do you have anything to say to students who are interested in getting involved in sports and societies but are unsure?

Sports and societies are the best way to make new friends and also to find out new things about yourself! You don’t have to be amazing at sport or to have ever tried new societies but as long as you have the interest in it then your time at university will a better one. It can also act as a buoyancy aid when times at university get tough and you have a network of people around you who share the same interests and may have experienced similar times. If people are unsure about joining then give it a go and I can promise you won’t regret your decision!

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