Are TV Series becoming better than films?

By Caitlin Mclaren – Chief Culture Reporter


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It seems that films are lacking original storylines and everything I watch is either a rip off, remake or a mixture of both! TV Series have become a lot more interesting now that they’re branching out from just comedy and drama. So much so, that already successful films are starting to turn into TV shows such as Fargo and Hannibal. Psycho has one of many spin off series called Bates Motel. Wherever film triumphs, series are sure to follow. Marvel have noticed the renounced popularity with their film franchise so by doing Agent Carter and Daredevil, they have enchanced character development.

As series branch out and capture different genres such as horror, it captures the audience as each episode leaves a cliffhanger. American Horror Story and Walking Dead have both hit it off because of their willingness to kill off and introduce new characters as they have the time in future episodes. It keeps the audience on their toes, whereas films seem to cram too much into the space of, at most, 180 minutes.

When thinking about books that have changed into series like Game Of Thrones, the appraisal comes from the in-depth plot that thickens with each series. If Game of Thrones was a film, I don’t think it would have the substantial amount of popularity that it does today. Simply because there wouldn’t be opportunity to build up the story and have the fully effective twists and turns. The complexity of the book suits the style of the script.

In light of the upcoming series, A Series of Unfortunate Events that Netflix have announced from a product of the popular children’s books. Originally a film was made with a high profiled cast such as Jim Carrey, Billy Connelly and Helen Mirren. As a fan of the books and watching the film, it portrayed a different atmosphere than the book wanted to create. Starring Jim Carrey as a villian made it ultimately a comedy but was supposed to be more like a thriller. There was a vast amount of books which makes me think that once again, series style would be more suited. I have high expectations from the series on a whole as Netflix have produced some excellent series like Orange is The New Black.

I can’t help but think that film collections such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have missed an opportunity to be prolonged and contained more storylines and necessary character development. As fans always comment om vital characters or their favourite part being missed out.

With streaming sites putting more money into their TV Series, I can only believe they can get bigger and better. I look forward to seeing more series become visually immense with the CGI funding put behind them. Not to take away the fact that some films are just stand alone amazing but usually they aren’t followed up by a sequel.

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