Are you ready for Sausage Party?

By Georgie Clark - Reporter

Like most people, before viewing the trailer for the new ‘Sausage Party’ film, I completely assumed it was one for the kids. The innocent looking, animated vegetables and pieces of meat with their painted on smiles could, hilariously, not have been more misleading.

As the trailer started, set in a supermarket with packets of food desperately trying to be taken home by shoppers, the childish theme was still extremely apparent. A packet of sausages, along with a packet of buns are (obviously) taken home together as both of them express their intense happiness at the situation. Everything is still PG rated and going smoothly, despite the slightly ambiguous name which some parents may have found difficult to book tickets for anyway.

However, as the animated food is introduced into their new home, things begin to take a strange and very Seth Rogan-ish turn. A potato is lifted into the air as they, ecstatically, describes how they have finally completed their destiny. Out of nowhere, the potato is then dropped into a vat of boiling water, as the rest of the food screams in horror. Shortly after, every expletive under the sun is hurtled into the equation as tiny carrots with infantile voices are tossed carelessly into the mouth of the woman that bought them, the camera focusing on its agonised screams as it is eaten alive.

The movie immediately turns into a hilarious scramble for survival from the frying pan, with wise old neglected vegetables warning the newcomers of their impending doom along the way.

Featuring the voices of Seth Rogan, James Franco and Danny McBride (among others) the cast is a comfortingly familiar gang that we have seen in millions of brilliant films before.

Despite the strange Finding Nemo/Pineapple Express kind of vibe, I expect nothing less than this film to be a roaring success.

What do you think of the new trailer? Watch it below and let us know by either tweeting @UCLanPluto or leaving a comment below!


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