Banned Lines – Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred lines’ banned from Edinburgh Uni Campus


Robin Thicke - Redfishingboat
Robin Thicke – Redfishingboat

Controversial chart-topper ‘Blurred Lines’ has been banned from being played in any building belonging to the University of Edinburgh in the ongoing war on lad culture.

It all came to a head when a DJ was reportedly ‘ordered’ to fade it out at a silent disco despite listeners being able to turn off the song by switching channels on their headphones.

“The decision to ban ‘Blurred Lines’ from our venues has been taken as it promotes an unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent.” Stated Kirsty Haigh, Edinburgh University Student Association Vice President of Services: “EUSA has a policy on zero tolerance towards sexual harrassment, a policy to end lad culture on campus and a safe space policy – all of which this song violates.”

EUSA’s policy, ‘End Rape Culture and Lad Banter on Campus’, has seen ‘Blurred Lines’ has been banned due to the song consisting of controversial lines such as ‘I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two’ which are seen to promote sexism and non-consensual sex.

After being critisised about the song, Robin Thicke told GQ magazine that critisisms of rape promotion were ‘ridiculous’ and that he has ‘always respected women’.

What do you think? Is it a step in the right direction or a step too far? Will it have any effect? Comment below!


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