Batman Vs. Superman Wasn’t That Bad…

Caitlin Mclaren - Culture Editor

You know what?

I’m proper sick of everyone ripping the shit out of Batman Vs. Superman.

This topic comes up now, after Batman Vs. Superman sweeped the Razzles, an award ceremony for the worst films of the year.

I think everyone is being far too harsh on the DC Universe. Okay, Marvel have been developing their universe for years, so their storyline is bound to be shaping out better which leaves DC forever catching up with Marvel. Who knew that the likes of Iron Man and Ant Man were going to be successful?

In a way, I feel sorry for the people involved. For one, I can’t stand Ben Affleck, but I’ll be the first to admit that he didn’t do a bad job at all at portraying Batman. It starts a new dimension of Batman, who has always been alone, with no introduction of Robin as yet. How is he going to work as part of the Justice League?

That leads me onto my next topic, The Justice League are so kickass, that I think the timing of release with no backgrounds to certain characters is going to make it fizzle out. What needs established is an effective storyboard. Start releasing more films with characters that haven’t been touched, start creating films about characters that you think might not be successful. Even if DC are behind now, they can catch up.

This makes me think, The Lego Batman Movie, it was a massive massive hit. So what are they doing right which the live action films aren’t? Or is it just easier for everyone to rip the shit out of DC, and forever trying to compare the universe to that of Marvel’s.

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