BBC have axed ‘The Voice’

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By Charlotte Fletcher

Saturday night TV is a scheduled date in many people’s diaries. There is so much choice throughout the year; from strictly to the X Factor, and I’m a celebrity to Britain’s got talent. But ‘The Voice’ has officially been axed by the BBC, which will see its final series in 2016 before a potential move to another broadcaster.

The show started back in 2012 and has seen its fair share of celebrity judges and presenters come and go over its four series’ run. The show captured the excitement of the Nation with its spinning chair format and no fear sing-offs when it first aired but viewing figures have since dropped.

It has also had its winners and its losers. The four winners to date have been Leanne Mitchell, Andrea Begley, Jermain Jackman and Stevie McCrorie. Although, nothing much has been heard from the winners since, unlike some of the success stories of rival show ‘The X Factor’ which is now in its 12th series.

Back before it all began, it was believed the BBC and ITV had a bidding war to take hold of the new show for two years, and at a cost of £22million the BBC won. But with its rights now up for grabs, will ITV take a second shot at the show?

Well, despite the previous cross-channel rivalry between the two talent shows, it does look as though ITV are prepared to splash the cash in order to get hold of the rights to ‘The Voice’. Many people are worried that if they do, ‘The X Factor’ may suffer and become a thing of the past, or could even be ditched to make room.

However, ITV have so far refused to comment after the announcement that the BBC had lost the show to a ‘rival broadcaster’.

the voice has been axed, the voice, BBC, student media, UCLan, Pluto, no more voice

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