Best of Freshers 2017

There’s a myriad of events taking place throughout freshers week. Involving dress up, potentially hazardous materials, and lots of booze. Whether you plan to go out every night, or just the once, this are the best events to go to over the week.


One of the many variations of the dress up party, this one is just the easiest to pull off. You don’t need to spend hours on Cheetah print make up like at the Zoo Party, or paint yourself blue like at one ill-fated Smurf themed event. Just get the old school uniform out of the wardrobe and wear some fake glasses and you’re good to go. Evoque are hosting this event on Tuesday September 19.

The newly refurbished Switch nightclub is charging, you guessed it, one pound entry and one pound drinks, every Friday. This is one of Preston’s most beloved clubs, and no week is complete without a visit, so take this opportunity to get to know the place. It’s a labyrinth so you’ll need to.

Liverpool Invasion.
One of the biggest drinking events of Freshers. Get a minibus to Liverpool and party, in what’s, let’s face it, are better clubs. This is a really good opportunity to get to know the surrounding areas of Preston, even if the drinks are a bit pricier. The bus leaves at 8pm on Wednesday 27.

Glitter Fest.
Foam gets in your eyes and can potentially blind you. Paint ruins your clothes. So if you’re determined to get drunk while having things thrown over you, the glitter party is probably the best bet. Boston Brothers are hosting this event, which means it’s also 99p drinks all night so you can’t go wrong really. This ones on Thursday 28.

Closing Party.
The farewell event to freshers is not to be missed, even if you didn’t actually go to any of the other events. Preston Guild Hall are hosting the event on October 1, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to stop going out every night. Check out the freshers edition of The Pulse to see our pick of the best nights out throughout the week.

All events are available on FatSoma Events Ticket, or you can pay on the door at each club.

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