[FROM THE PAPER] Bizarre Britain: Real-Life Loony Policy

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Image: Chris Ison

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party was founded in 1983 by the 3rd Earl of Harrow, or as people know him, Screaming Lord Sutch. Sutch stood in 40 elections for the OMRLP, losing every single one of them. Upon the death of Sutch, Howling Laud Hope was elected Leader on a joint ticket with his cat, Catmando. Since Catmando died in a car accident, Hope has been the only leader of the OMRLP.

The OMRLP, though seen as a joke party, has actually had policy that’s made it into law. These things include:

  • Passports for pets
  • All-day pub openings
  • Votes at 18

Additionally, upon Hope’s election to Ashburton Town Council, he spoke on Newsnight, where he highlighted the fact that milk and butter surpluses were being thrown down abandoned mine shafts to maintain prices, due to European Community rules. This then caused the redistribution of the surpluses to the needy and to charities.

Current policy includes:

  • Fitting the London Stock Exchange with airbags ready for the next market crash
  • Creating a carwash by punching holes into the top of the Channel Tunnel
  • Painting half of all grey squirrels red to help increase the native red squirrel population

Perhaps not likely to ever happen, but remember at the time, passports for pets was deemed ridiculous!

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