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BLACK and Minority Ethnicity students have held a mass walkout after Black Students’ Officer Aadam Siciid Muuse, and Women’s Officer Hareem Ghani led action involving BME National Executive Council Members walking out of the top-tier meeting on the 8th December.

Muuse issued a statement, reading:

“The NUS has long functioned off of the labour of Black students – yet this has often remained invisible.

“Whether the physical labour of Black students, who have driven key campaigns yet remained undervalued and undermined as volunteers; or their emotional labour, when we’re expected to support and sustain fellow Black students as they get involved and engage with structures that are persistently hostile to them.

“It is only very recently that our presence and impact have become more visible, following increased representation in bodies such as the NEC – and these have been met with calls that the NUS is now ‘out of touch’, ‘unrepresentative’ or “lost”.

“It’s in the context of this, and of course the soon-to-be-released Institutional Racism Review, that we walked out today.”

Ghani added,

“Particularly women of colour face the brunt of explicit and structural violence that is both racialised and gendered.

“We sacrifice our mental and physical health while our work in the movement continues to be co-opted, ignored or undervalued.

“We’ve been forced to take action against an organisation that should be our home, but has ended up damaging our lives.”

These actions have caused Ghani to receive a torrent of racist abuse on the social media platform Twitter, and has even made some suggest that the NEC took time to decide whether it was politically convenient to support her.

To read Muuse’s statement in full, click here

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