BookTube- The new community for bookworms

843758_483180191749818_228033224_oBy Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

YouTube is full of beauty guru’s, comedians, cats and daily vloggers but now there is a new community in the mix, the ‘BookTube’ community.

BookTube has become a known community amongst booklovers and book bloggers. YouTube as a platform has given people a new way to review their books. Instead of writing a review on amazon or Waterstones, or even on their blogs, thousands of bookworms are turning on the camera and sharing their views.

Some of the monthly videos will include reviews and book hauls, as well as wrap up videos and TBR’s (to be read) showing off the books they plan on reading the following month, and the ones they got through this month.

YouTube is prone to trolls no matter who you are and what you do, but ‘BookTube’ has been said by ‘BookTubers’ to be the nicest community on YouTube.

A few of the fan favourites on YouTube are Kat O’Keeffe Katytastic), Christine Riccio (polandbananasBooks) and Regan (PeruseProject). BookTube is largely dominated by females, but many book loving boys also join in, including Jesse (Jessethereader) and Ben (Benjaminoftomes).

Many of these larger BookTubers areable to recieve boks from publishing companies before ther release date in exchange for an honest review.

Anybody can become a ‘BookTuber’ whether they read 10 books a month or just 1. YouTube has made it easier for people to create and share their content and if books is what you love then why not talk about it. It has become accepted as the norm for somebody to switch on their camera and record a make-up product review, or a clothing haul, so why not books?

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