Boycott Nestle?

By Irene Flack - Reporter

Why is the Environmental and Ethics Society campaigning to boycott Nestle? Irene Flack tells gives Pluto her view.

Once again, our society is campaigning to have Nestle products removed from UCLan Students’ Union outlets.

The campaign has prompted many critical comments, and we are not seeking to tell people what they can and cannot buy – just saying that a company with a human rights record like Nestle should not be promoted in an SU which is proud of its Green accreditation.
There are many reasons why Nestle is boycotted world-wide, including promoting baby milk in the third world and its CEO’s statement that drinking water should not be a human right.

For more information on these issues simply Google them, or type ‘Nestle Boycott’ into Facebook.

To briefly explain, I will compare the issue of chocolate production and Nestle’s so-called Fairtrade accreditation.
Nestle calls KitKat Fairtrade and displays the logo on the wrappers. The amount of cocoa they actually source from ethical sources is less than 3%. In comparison, Cadbury display the Fairtrade logo on their chocolate and is the biggest purchaser of cocoa sourced ethically.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is the biggest purchaser of Fairtrade Cocoa, buying around 16,000 tonnes of Fairtrade certified cocoa a year from Ghana. Since becoming Fairtrade Cadbury Dairy Milk has tripled sales for cocoa farmers, bringing in over £6 million in premiums, whilst opening up new opportunities for thousands more to benefit from the Fairtrade system. Thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk and Fairtrade, 21 schools, 2 healthcare clinics and 23,000 people in communities across Ghana now benefit from solar panels and lanterns.
The Fairtrade organisation is fighting child labour, whereas Nestle, from a headline on 11th Jan 2016 on the Independent’s website, is being sued for allegedly using child slaves in the Ivory Coast.

Do you really enjoy your Yorkies and KitKats enough to ignore this?
For more information please contact the Environmental and Ethics society through our Facebook page and we will happily tell you more.


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