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Image: ITV

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid has overturned a Lancashire County Council decision to refuse planning permission for fracking at the Roseacre Wood site (pictured above) and the Preston New Road site further in the Fylde.

Whilst the DCLG has yet to give a formal decision, it is understood that permission has been granted at at least one of the sites – with sources suggesting a green light for Preston New Road, but a deferral on a decision for Roseacre Wood.

Helen Rimmer, of Friends of the Earth said,

“This is bad news for Lancashire – the community have been fighting fracking for more than five years. This fight continues until this unproven and unpopular industry disappear for good.

“Instead of shoving us down a dangerous path that inevitably leads to climate change, the Government should invest in renewables and energy efficiency, an emerging industry that could create 24,000 jobs in the north west alone.”

Hannah Martin, of Greenpeace, said,

“This fudged decision shows the Government is struggling to force fracking on a reluctant nation.

“Fracking will put our countryside and air quality at risk. Digging up more fossil fuels that we can’t burn if we are to honour the international agreement we signed in Paris and is coming into force next month makes little economic or environmental sense.

“Theresa May cannot build a 21st-century industrial strategy on a polluting and inexperienced fracking sector that won’t deliver for years, if ever.

“If the Prime Minister wants to promote an affordable and fair energy system whilst bolstering business growth and job creation, renewable and smart energy technologies are the way to go.”

This is a breaking story and will be updated as further details come in…

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