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11058573_1490669531246046_6958696497621172374_oBy Matt Cuerden – Head of PR & Social Media

In honour of national burger day, somebody had to bite the bullet and have a burger. But this was not just any burger, this was the maple bacon burger from Burgers ’n’ Bibs.

To help with the difficult choice of choosing a burger, which is very difficult when they all look as good as Burger ’n’ Bibs do, I had a Tokyo Iced Tea. The cocktail slipped down very nicely and made choosing what to eat a breeze. Then the wait began.

After 45 minutes and a Long Island Iced Tea, the starters arrived and we had decided to do it properly; we ordered the Bin Lid Sharer. This starter is a platter of the best Burgers ’n’ Bibs has to offer and it does not disappoint, with chips, beans, chicken wings, chicken bites, onion rings, corn on the cob’s and, my favourite, the sliders, I would highly recommend this scrumptious platter. Don’t be greedy, though this starter is clearly made for four people but was definitely worth the long wait.

After another 30 minute wait my maple bacon burger arrived, and it looked like true love on a plate. Alongside my burger, (which may I add was topped with a pig in a blanket and pickle, what a delicious treat!), I had the B’n’B Slaw and sweet potato fries. So obviously I needed a drink as good as my burger, so I ordered the pornstar martini and set off to demolish my burger as I waited.

This was possibly the best burger you will get in Preston, the sweetness of the maple was perfectly balanced out by the sharp vinegar laden pickle and the cheese sauce was creamy, messy and everything I had hoped for, but sadly I had to tap out due to the sheer amount of gorgeous food on my plate.

As I was giving up all hope of finishing my food the waiter came and told me I couldn’t have my drink as they were out of passionfruit. The disappointment was growing, instead I got a French Martini to finish off what was an amazing meal, though I couldn’t fault the French Martini and I still got my shot of prosecco meant to accompany the pornstar.

Aside from the annoying long overall wait for the food, the customer service was quite good. However, I had a couple of peeves about eating here; my first peeve was because Burgers ’n’ Bibs is in Rift&Co, they started taking away the empty tables whilst we were still sat eating. This was a peeve for me because I felt it ruined the atmosphere.

But my biggest peeve of the night was the really loud music that starts playing at 10pm. Yes, I am aware that it is also a nightclub but when you can’t hear the person sat next to you without shouting then there is no point going for a meal with other people, it just becomes awkward stares and hand gestures.

Overall, I give Burgers ’n’ Bibs a solid 4/5, but the food is definitely a 5/5. I recommend every burger lover and food enthusiast eat here, as the food and overall service does not disappoint.

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