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By Charlotte Fletcher

It’s been 10 years, not much has changed and we still don’t live underwater. Yes, we haven’t quite made it to the Year 3000 but Busted are back!

One of the biggest bands of the 21st century broke the hearts of millions when they announced that they were splitting up way back on the 14th January 2005. But now, after 10 years off, the trio (yes even Charlie!) have decided it is time to reform.

To celebrate the news of Charlie, James and Matt kicking off their reunion tour, we have chosen their top five songs based on a surveyed group of busted fans. We were given a range of 22 songs that people loved but there were five in particular that stood out as Busted’s top tunes from back in the day.

Busted are back, student media, UCLan, Pluto, Music, culture, Busted

5 – What I Go To School For.

In 2002, the boys released their song about fighting their way to the front of the classroom to get the best view of their teacher Miss Mackenzie. The catchy yet provocative song was very popular amongst our group of busted fans.

4 – Who’s David?

In 2003, their album ‘a present for everyone’ provided a great range of songs, but a fan favourite is about a lying girlfriend. She has been getting the attention of other guys, leaving the Busted boys questioning, Who’s David?

3 – She Wants To Be Me.

Another huge hit from the ‘a present for everyone’ album, this time about a girlfriend who wants to be exactly the same as the boys from Busted. “She looks like, does like, sounds like me
She’s stealing my identity” it’s no wonder it was such a huge hit, probably as most female fans probably wanted to be in Busted too!

2 – Year 3000.

The boys’ ideal of how the World will look by the Year 3000 has proved one of their top sellers, with fans going wild when the guitar riff starts at the beginning of the song. Back to the future predicted a few things to happen by 2015, which happened. Who knows, maybe people will be living underwater by the 3000 or even triple breasted women?

1 – Crashed the wedding.

There it is, the fans favourite number one song by Busted, crashed the wedding! Released 12 years ago, a song and video to give the soaps some competition, they wreaked havoc at a wedding. The pop rock had people doing what is well known as ‘the busted jump’ and is still a popular disco song, maybe not at weddings though.

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