Caitlin’s Outfit of the Week – #1

Kirsty Moody - Lifestyle Editor

So a lot of you will know who our lovely Caitlin is, if you don’t shes the crazy culture editor but we love her.
A lot of her style is quite… different and that’s something we’ve decided to start to showcase with a new instalment of Caitlin’s Outfit of The Week.

Even though we love Caitlin, we do tend to take the mick out of some of the things she wears, this isn’t to say she hasn’t got a good style. She does. But its not for everyone.
She of course has her lovely cheesy little grin for us all to smile at. In The Pulse office, we weren’t too fond of her crazy yet adventurous shirt. What do you guys think? From the shirt to the shoes, she’s just a big bundle of crazyness.
Especially the coat she is wearing… sorry to you Manchester United fans, she’s wearing a City coat.



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