CALLING ALL STUDENTS: Write for Noted Magazine!

Ellie Sutcliffe


Would you like to write features and interviews?

Show your love for literature and Creative Writing?

Why not write for Noted Magazine!


What is Noted?

Noted is an upcoming magazine created by second year students for the Live Literature Project. It will focus entirely on Literature and Creative Writing and will showcase some of the best our university has to offer!

You may have already seen our Essay and Creative Writing Competition. Please enter!

We are also looking for students who would like to write some

non-fiction feature articles or interviews for the magazine.

Why should you consider writing for us?

You can write about either literature or creative writing, or both. Make it funny, insightful or thought-provoking or just use it as a chance to show your passion for your subject.

This will also give you an excellent addition to your portfolio and a credit on a publication – something that’s invaluable for all aspiring writers.

Some of the topics you could cover include:

  • Research interviews/ profiles on teaching staff
  • Your favourite lesson ever
  • What inspires you about literature and/or creative writing
  • More politically motivated pieces e.g. on Banned Books
  • More fun pieces e.g. a dating profile for one of your favourite literary characters

What if you have your own idea?

We’re also open to your suggestions and ideas. Think of articles that have an impact, that showcase some of the work you’ve studied here at UCLan or your personal interests.

 What to do if you are interested?

If you are interested in writing for Noted, please email Ellie and run your idea past her –

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