Captain’s Corner: Women’s Volleyball

By Natalia Cieslak – Reporter

A point penalty due to late registration proved crucial for the women’s volleyball team last season as they narrowly missed out on promotion.

They finished one point behind University of Salford but would have been promoted to the Northern 1A division if they didn’t suffer from a points deduction.

Despite the huge misfortune last season, the team captain Weronika Janikowska is proud of her team’s performance and is focusing to bring the new players to the same standards this season.

The captain said: “The first ambition is to get everyone at the same level so that new players can actually understand how this team works and how all the rotations in the game work etc. But actually the biggest ambition is to get promoted and start in the first league next year.”

The team’s youthful exuberance and relationship on and off the court is certainly one of the main factors as to why the team managed to do so well last season.

“We have one very important rule which basically is; what happens outside the court stays outside of the court, so if I fall out with one person outside the game it can affect our relationship on court when we play.”

The coach is eager for the team to play in the Northern division 1A next season and he tries to push players to their limits.

“The coach actually changed a bit because he became harsher which is a good think because putting more pressure on the team to basically get them on to where we want to be.”

Weronika is currently in her second season with the club, this year she’s been privileged to become team’s captain.

“Being a captain is very, very cool thing but you do have responsibilities on your shoulders and that’s basically you don’t only have to focus on yourself, the way you play, you also have to focus on the other team members and you have to makes sure that you push them as much as you can.”

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