Cash, Card…Or Watch?

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By Sarah Johnson

Paying for the finer things in life has now become even easier for the niche market of Apple Watch owners.

In our society you can purchase various products by simply using notes and coins. Apple has designed new methods to bring society up to date with modern technology and is relying on contactless machines to do this.

apple watch, contactless payment, student media, UCLan, pluto, student newspaper, technology

Contactless payment was introduced as a faster and easier way to purchase items under £30 without having to type in a 4-digit pin. According to the Apple website, to make a payment with your Apple Watch you have to double-click the side button and hold the display of the Apple Watch up the contactless reader. A gentle tap and beep confirm that your payment information was sent.

Everyone is aware of paying using contactless with a debit card but Apple have taken it one step further by using a mobile device or Apple Watch as a way of purchasing goods. Many concerns have been raised with this issue as the watch itself costs £299 for the standard issue edition. The Apple watch has had its fair share of criticism but everyone is entitled to there opinions. If its making the company millions then why not figure out a faster and easier way for people to spend more money.

Using contactless as a way of payment comes with its own risks, if you lose your credit card people can still purchase items without knowing the pin number. However Apple has reassured costumers about the security of the product by programming a fingerprint or password to help keep your information safe. A problem, which could occur, is you need to have Wi-Fi or 3G connected to the watch for it to work, without this feature you will unable to make a quick transaction.

This will not be a problem unless you are an owner of an Apple Watch. Using contactless pay will make transactions faster as bank companies are planning on raising the limit on how much money you are able to transfer during a single transaction. If Apple are changing the way in which we make transactions, who knows what the future of this company may hold and how it will affect modern day technology.

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