change-671374_1280By Charlotte Holdsworth – Reporter

With a new academic year upon us we take a look at what has changed and what is new to UCLan and Preston.

Colleges and Hubs

One of the biggest changes to happen at UCLan over the summer is the restructure of the school system. Gone are school offices and instead we welcome six new hubs as part of the new Campus Admin Service (CAS). These hubs are: Harris, Foster, Brook, Greenbank, Computing and Technology (C&T), and Allen. Each hub has their own designated schools but students will be able to visit any nearby hub for advice. Students will still receive the same support as they did from their respective school offices but these new hubs will make accessing the support easier.

The schools and colleges have also been given a makeover. We now have nineteen new and improved schools spread out over five colleges. The idea for the change to the schools was to divide the workload and even out the number of students in each school. Your school is home to your course and other related courses. Each school has its own staff and student representation to assist you during your time at UCLan.

11920334_656288004264_286929065_nCouncil Democratic Review

The previous Students’ Union Council decided it needed a democratic review, basically meaning they wanted to find out if the Students’ Union is working effectively. Before the summer changes were approved ready for the new academic year. It is now easier to submit a motion to the Students’ Union Council, with online submissions available for all students to approve. The Council will also spend less time in meetings and more time speaking to students.

11058573_1490669531246046_6958696497621172374_o-1200x800Burgers ‘N’ Bibs

Good news for all you hungry students we now have a brand new restaurant located inside Rift & Co. The new restaurant, Burgers ‘N’ Bibs, looks set to become one of Preston’s most popular dining spots. This all American diner located just off Fishergate, has something for everyone on its menu. With a generous selection of burgers and ribs, to the more traditional fish finger sub you’ll be sure to find something to suit your appetite. Although the prices may not seem student-friendly the portion sizes will certainly challenge your stomachs. Cocktails are 2-4-1 during happy hour, even more reason for a visit. The dessert menu will be sure to entice you to into staying for that extra course.

The Library Ground Floor

During the summer the ground floor on the library has undergone a huge refurbishment resulting from feedback gathered from students through University and national surveys. With summer being the quietest time on campus the majority of the ground floor has been closed to students to allow for the extensive building work. For returning students the ground floor was known for being home to the <i>, this is a student’s one stop shop for advice and support in all aspects of university life. Other areas of the ground floor included the quiet zone, the Food for Thought café and UCLan Print.

The <i> is an ever-expanding support unit and so has moved to a bigger area to accommodate its growth. It is now on the left side of the ground floor, where the quiet zone was previously. The new space includes confidentiality rooms, quick-stop PCs and a small but useful stationary shop.

The quiet zone has also expanded. The glass wall, which shields outside noise, has now replaced the pervious group study areas at the back of the ground floor. There are more desks and PCs available in the new quiet zone and the printers and photocopiers are still available.

The Food for Thought café has moved to the right side of the ground floor, previously home to the <i>. In this area there is also a new multifunctional drop-in zone which is designed to host events and activities throughout the year.IMG_0122-1200x800


Being a student can be stressful at times and we students need to find time to relax and have fun. Luckily Preston has a number of new projects up its sleeve to give to help us unwind. The winning design for the Preston bus station redevelopment incorporates a youth zone with plenty of outside space. This will hopefully become a popular area for students to socialise and take part in various activities. There is even talk of a football pitch on the roof.

For all you thrill seekers and problem solvers, good news, Preston now has an Escape Room. The popular Manchester attraction has come to Preston, just a stone’s throw from campus. Visitors will choose one of 5 themed rooms and they will have an hour to solve puzzles in order to escape. With bookings for groups of up to 6 people, what a fun way to get to know your new house or course mates. For those wanting to try something a little different there are currently plans to create a new trampoline warehouse just outside the city centre. Plans include a main area, separate children’s area, a foam pit and party rooms.

There have been some changes to the nightlife in Preston too. With Browns now permanently closed down, students won’t be lost for somewhere to go for too long. After a successful launch weekend Blitz is officially back open for business ensuring students will always have somewhere to go on a night out.

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