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Male rep is a stupid idea. 

It is 2017 and the number of women on council should be being celebrated not challenged by this notion of a male rep being introduced. The reason there was ‘backlash’ (having a different opinion) when it was last submitted and there will probably continue to be ‘backlash’ (having a different opinion) is because the idea is worthless. There is no point in a male rep and there never will be.

I will now dissect this big idea piece by piece and offer up my reasoning as to why Male rep is stupid.

Safe Spaces

There are plenty of safe spaces around that you don’t have to make them male specific. You can still have the gender equality conversations without having to make a space purely for men.  By that point you’ll be having rooms for men and women and suddenly we’re back in the 1800s and it all gets ridiculous. Every space is a safe space for men. If someone even argues against having equality and that both sexes need safe spaces then you can get lost, as women have fought for centuries to finally have equality while men have had it handed to them since the dawn of time.

Prostate cancer

Yes, this is a mostly male problem. However, there are several places where you can go for male only help such as Prostate Cancer UK, Movember, Orchid and Cancer Research UK. You can also go to your Doctor and ask for a examination which is private and confidential anyway. You need to mobilise yourselves to campaign for raising awareness around prostate cancer. There was literally a giant boob wandering around campus on freshers from the Coppafeel society raising awareness for breast cancer. Here’s an idea:

Get some balls and campaign. 

It’s already been admitted these issues can be solved through campaigning and awareness raising, none of which is a core role for a rep.

Suicide and depression

Yes, there is a problem with young men and suicide and depression. However, there are several other services out there that can help. UCLan has an excellent counselling service and  UCLan SU have an award-winning Advice Centre and there are also several charities out there that can help. Simply having a male rep is not going to cure it nor help it. It simply amplifies the stigma that men can only talk to other men about their troubles. It is imperative we change this stigma in order to help men talk more about their problems. Mental Health comes under disability actually and we need to be beating the stigma that it is not a disability and it is something that is serious enough to be considered part of disabled liberation campaigns.

Again. Campaign.

P.S. We have a Disability rep.

Non-Binary and Gendered appearance

Being non-binary is not defined by what you wear. You can be a man wearing a skirt and still not be non binary, that’s not how gender works. You can’t tell someone’s gender by what they are wearing. How would a Men’s rep help those transitioning from male to female? Or reduce stigma around femininity? As women these students would be represented by their Women’s rep and/or the Trans rep.

Trans men


There is also a trans support society, the University also offers a wide range of services such as; providing mental health, disability or counselling support, helping trans students change accommodation to something better suited and creating a personalised staying well plan. Accepting trans men as men is something we should all be doing.


Domestic abuse

This is a problem. But not a problem that a men’s rep can help solve. Representatives are not trained to provide support and their core role is not to provide support for students but to raise issues and represent at council. This is a societal problem that needs fixing. Domestic abuse is a horrible thing that shouldn’t happen and it is hard for men to speak up if it happens but again, Advice centre, the police, counselling would all be better places to go to get help than a mens rep.


Work with Men Against Violence, a Preston based organisation.

Women dominated courses

Of course there are women dominated courses, nationally there are slightly more females at university, which again should be celebrated considering the struggle they had to go through to get into higher education. There are also many male dominated courses as well such as engineering and computer science, in fact on the hoardings around the new engineering building there are only 5 women on it compared to the men, which are in the high teens. Also, to use the words “emotional” and “creative” when describing which courses are female dominated is just down right insulting and archaic. As someone who is on a female dominated “emotional” course i would never think ‘this course needs more men’ because some courses just don’t appeal to certain people, simple as. How will the rep help with this? They’ve already chosen their course by the time they get here.

“Womansplanning” ???

Just stop. Mansplaining is downright degrading and patronisation of the highest form, womansplaining doesn’t even exist. The horribly overused phrase of ‘man up’ exists as a constant reminder of mansplaining and how negative and patriarchal society can be.

Overall, The point of equality is to give everyone a seat at the table, men have had a seat at the table for years. It is a seat that has never been threatened. Don’t confuse liberated representation for a lack of male representation. Having more women than we are used to in positions of power is equality.

Get over yourself

Begin. Join. Operate. Organise. Mobilise. 



  1. Representatives are there to represent their constituants views, not their own personal opinions. A representative should represent their voters, and present any problems those voters may have to the Committee. I think this comment article has strayed far, far from the point raised. A Male Rep is being debated because Men don’t feel represented by the SAC –

    personally, if representation is being called for, I believe representation is needed.

  2. “Womansplanning” ???

    Just stop. Mansplaining is downright degrading and patronisation of the highest form, womansplaining doesn’t even exist.

    Is this satire or are you an idiot? Serious question.

  3. Your dissection does speak to stupidity, as well as ignorance, just not in the way you had intended.
    Firstly, your safe space argument could be used to define the phrase ‘reductio ad absurdum’. Having male, or female, only spaces may not be useful to the majority, but we proclaim to be a society that seeks to support minority groups as well. Claiming that the existence of such a space will lead to total segregation, is no more ridiculous than the suggestion that without a wall, America will become Northern Mexico. One or two safe spaces will affect no-one but those they benefit.
    As to your statement regarding prostate cancer and the limited support available within university services. The core role of a rep relates specifically to this type of issue, in that a rep highlights issues affecting students at university level, and seeks the development of appropriate support. Physical health, sexual health and mental health are all relevant subjects, which may all need addressing in different ways for people with different gender identities. BTW, having the gumption to tell people to ‘Get some balls’, before going on to deride ‘mansplaining, severely weakens your argument; but hey, on we go.
    You might not be aware, perhaps because there hasn’t been a male rep to highlight the issue, but there are problems associated with the risk of suicide and depression affecting men of all ages. Yes the university has excellent support services, but how do you know that those excellent services are effective in tackling any predominantly male issues? Especially if the voices of those affected are lost in and amongst a raft of unrelated issues.
    P.S. Not everyone with a mental health concern will consider it to be a disability, regardless of what banner someone else puts it under. Having two reps would mean people have two choices.
    Now on to non-binary and gendered appearance. Let me get this straight, you think this issue only applies for male to female transition? Or are you suggesting that the ‘Women’s rep’ would also represent people transitioning from female to male. No wait, are you actually saying that it would be acceptable for a person transitioning to female, to have more support available to them than someone transitioning from female to male.
    As for the trans rep. What if the trans man is experiencing issues that affect men. Can he garner support from his male colleagues and take it to his trans rep? or do you think that might be an issue for a male rep?
    The male rep could also work with the university to ensure that male victims of domestic abuse (be that males abused by either a male or female partner) to ensure that the university environment is supportive, and does not retraumatise male victims with its policies; by doing things like forcing males to share rooms with other males on organised trips etc…
    P.S. We have this type of support for women and we don’t and shouldn’t be sending them off site to deal with this type of issue either.
    As for your comments on male/female dominated courses. You seem to be suggesting in your statement that the university labelled a course as creative or emotional after it became ‘female dominated’. Also, you appear convinced that emotion or creativity are feminine and therefore lesser traits. Why?
    The simple fact is, we can’t have equality if we are not treated, and represented in the same way, but we can’t always be represented the same way by the same person. More reps, more representation, more chance to be heard.
    To sum up, your misandrous attitude sickens me, I object to the way in which you can so freely proliferate such distain within the student community and I just wish that we had a rep who could let the university know that some of us think something should be done about attitudes like yours.

  4. As a female I am ashamed, this article is discusting, sexist and every point you have made on why there shouldnt be a male rep can be completely flipped as to why maybe we shouldnt have a female rep. Would you say to a female who doesnt have all parts of their anatomy due to cancer oh your not a real woman now, thats basically what saying grow some balls means. Who are you to define what someone elses safe space should be, surely individuals are the ones to know where they feel safe. Why is it that you feel women are entitled to a female rep because of opression in the past and currently but yet a male isnt. Who is the opressor now?

  5. You may have a good future writing similar garbage for buzzfeed in the future. Complete verbal diarrhoea. Who’s idea was it to publish this nonsense?

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