Chinese New Year celebration takes place at UCLan

The Chongqing Chuanju Theatre Chinese New Year Show will take place on campus Thursday 11 February.

A prestigious performance troupe will visit Preston to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Chuanju, which is a style of Chinese opera will be performed and is known for its colourful costumes, martial arts and acrobatics. The troupe has received high acclaim for its performances from international media such as the New York Times and Financial Times.

The company, created in 1951, has more than 40 celebrities and famous masters such as Tie Mei, three times winner of the ‘Mei Hua Award’, the highest award in the Chinese drama and opera world, among its alumni.

At the beginning of the show the audience will also be treated to a lion dance session.

The event, which is organised will celebrate the Year of the Monkey, runs from 12noon to 2.00pm in 53 Degrees. Tickets are £10 each or discounted to £5 for bookings of more than 10 and they can be booked online:

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