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In a week where XFM Manchester, XFM London and XFM Scotland decided to smash themselves together to become Radio X, they hired a whole new range of DJ’s which has mixed reviews from fans.

Leaving behind fan favourites ‘Tim & Jim’ and Clint Boon, a new array of DJ’s including Chris Moyles and Vernon Kay have taken over the radio station.

Chris Moyles started on air at around 6 o’clock Monday morning, he proceeded to speak for half an hour without any music tracks and wanted to cast away the myth that Radio X is just for men, doing so by playing Girls Aloud ‘Love Machine’.

This is Chris’ first job since 2012 when he left BBC Radio One after 15 years, where he used to reel in a massive audience of over 8 million listeners. For the opening of Radio X, he was joined by Ex-Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, opening the show with ‘Hello again Great Britain. Right, this is a bit weird isn’t it…Welcome to a brand new radio station’.

Upon XFM’s revamp, they promised  to play the ‘best fresh rock and guitar-based music across the UK’ and be the ‘first truly male-focused station’ targeting their audience of 25-44 year olds. Moyles argued against this saying ‘nobody agrees with this expect for the one person who put it in the press release.’ He promised fans that Radio X isn’t just for men and is ‘not a radio version of the Yorkie bar.’

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