Christmas Adverts: Why Are They So Popular?

Louise Busfield

Christmas adverts pulling at your heartstrings again? Be it a dog bouncing on a trampoline, Mrs Claws carrying out the wish of a little brother or a carrot risking life and death just to meet Santa Claws, Christmas adverts never fail to bring out our inner child.
There’s a certain amount of nostalgia and sentimentality that goes into Christmas adverts, which usually for us cynical, no-nonsense Brits would be a no –go so why does it work so well?
For one Christmas can be a stressful time of year, you’re searching for the perfect gifts, spending time with family you would usually rather not, stuffing a turkey at 6:30 in the morning all to achieve that ‘perfect’ Christmas, that lets face it usually falls flat. But for those blissful few minutes when a Christmas advert comes on the TV, the stress disappears and you remember what it felt like to be a child at Christmas again.
For most, Christmas adverts signify the arrival of Christmas and John Lewis plays a huge part in that. Every year in November they release their newly anticipated Christmas advert. Last years campaign ‘Man on the Moon’ not only bought a tear to the nations eye, but also reminded us about all the people who spend Christmas alone, particularly regarding the elderly.
The year before we all balled our eyes out at ‘Monty The Penguin’ and his hope to find love and this year we are filled with delight watching ‘Buster The Boxer’ finally get a turn on that trampoline. All the while leaving us with that warm fuzzy feeling inside that your suppose to feel this time of year.
We all like to romanticise the serene image of a white Christmas and advertisement executives thrive on just that, in fact they even hire teams of psychologists to help them craft the perfect advert. One that brings family together and lets us live out our childhood memories once more.
It’s through these fictional stories that we finally get to live out our magical, idyllic Christmas, even if it’s just for the moment. Its no wonder we all adore our Christmas adverts.
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