It is pointless for The NUS to boycott Coca Cola.


By Sam Johnson – Reporter

The NUS could be making one of the biggest commercial mistakes soon. Do you like Coke, Fanta or Sprite? Well I like most of these products quite a bit.

The National Union of Students’ (NUS) have  passed a motion that states that Coca Cola will be placed under the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign list. This means that the purchasing services for the NUS (who buy in bulk to make it cheaper for Students’ Unions to sell these products) are not meant to buy these products.

The reasoning behind this boycott is because the Coca Cola Israel franchise operates factories in, what many in the international community regard as, illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. (See the news story here)

But does the NUS really believe that no longer purchasing Coca-Cola products will have that much of an impact on the company.

These drinks are sold throughout the country in shops, bars, students’ unions, university cafes and vending machines. You’re not trying to tell me that a student won’t walk down the road from the Union to the shop on the corner or to Tesco Express because they don’t like Pepsi.

My friend is a coke addict, yes I’m sure she should be put in rehab, but she would walk for as far as a famous Proclaimers song just to get her fix. Even though some people aren’t as hooked as she is, can unions such as our own really afford not to be selling products that people love and enjoy.

These boycotts are going to affect commercial services within the Students’ Union here at UCLan and around the UK. You boycott the Coca Cola Company, and then from whom do we purchase similar products?

The closest substitute is Pepsi and then they have the monopolistic ability to charge a higher price because after Pepsi and Coke you can only get the cheap poor tasting cola.

Another problem with this is that the National Union of Students’ does not seem to have sat down with Coca Cola and talked about their disapproval for the companies operation in Palestine and Israel which is the reason they are planning a boycot.

Why do we never talk about these problems instead we just rush into things because we don’t like them.

Coca Cola has had a long-term partnership with NUS, sponsoring many events including the SU Awards this year that ended up with students wasting their own breath protesting outside the ceremony.

 Should the NUS be boycotting Coca Cola? what do you think?

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