Coke Vs. Pepsi!

Jack Evans - Reporter

In this article we take a look at Coca-Cola and Pepsi to see what the main differences between the two brands are.

Which is most popular?

According to Statista Cola-Cola achieved a worldwide revenue of $41.86 billion in 2016 compared to Pepsi with $62.8 million. Despite the sales being higher for Pepsi overall according to the 2016 data, there is still a divide over Coke compared to Pepsi .

Nutritional information

330 ml Coca-Cola Original can 335ml Pepsi Original can
Calories 139 150
Fat (g) 0 0
Saturated fat (g) 0 0
Protein (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 35 41
Of which Sugars (g) 35 41
Salt (g) 0 0


Key Ingredients

Ingredient Coca-Cola Pepsi
Carbonated water Yes Yes
Sugar Yes Yes
Caramel Colour Yes Yes
Phosphoric acid Yes Yes
Flavourings Yes Yes
Caffeine Yes  Yes
Citric acid No Yes

The key difference ingredients wise is citric acid which gives Pepsi a more distinctive soured taste compared to Coca-Cola. Both of the brands contain a large amount of sugar in their originally market products which have been chosen for comparison. If you prefer a more citrus/sour taste then you will probably find Pepsi is your favourite or for a regular cola taste then Coca-Cola is the one to choose.

Which one do you prefer?

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