By Harri Lloyd-Williams and Gracie Donoghue

It has been bought to several student’s attention that there have been rumours going around that by giving students free condoms this is seen as ‘offensive’.

Which is utterly ridiculous because at the end of the day sex is one of the most natural things in the world and everyone was put on this earth through it.

The Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Group (S.H.A.G) a new inspiring project that was set up for students by students, were discouraged to hand out FREE condoms during last year and at the Fresher’s Fair at the start of term; due to the talk of condoms and physical condoms being offensive (next joke please).

Reporter, Gracie Donoghue took to Facebook to express her feelings with a Facebook status

‘** STUDENTS ** It has come to my attention that some people are offended by free condoms given out to students… PLEASE DISCUSS!!!’ which caused a bit of a stir but the general consensus from it was condoms should be given out and safe sex should be encouraged and the fact that someone can find a condom offensive is just downright insane.

One comment came from 3rd year BSc Sexual Health Studies student Jemma Rogerson

“If you don’t like them don’t take them. A free condom might be the difference between being fine or having an unplanned pregnancy.”

A UCLan student that wished to stay anonymous stated;

“I can see both sides; as a catholic and a health perspective. It is a matter of choice so far as it only affects that singular person. Faiths can often have a poor view of contraception because of their beliefs about being with one person for the rest of your life. To belittle those of faith is just as bad as those religions who belittle the users of contraception and other forms of family planning. They should be available free, and I hope people who need them feel comfortable in asking for them or accepting free ones”

As one student from the sexual health studies degree pointed out;

“We have an undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree in sexual health, but probably the worst sexual health provision as a university, involving testing and providing free condoms.”

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