By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Loyal: Shadow International Development Secretary Diane Abbott (Bottom Centre)

Diane Abbott, Shadow International Development Secretary, has joined John McDonnell in rallying around Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Attacking recently-sacked Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, she said:

“If you look at Hilary Benn’s constituency, there is a big majority for leave. So if they had a magic answer on how to get disaffected Labour voters to come out for Labour voters, I am surprised that they didn’t actually exercise that solution in their own constituencies.”

She then expressed her support of Corbyn’s leadership, describing the coup as a ‘recipe for unhappiness’, and stating her belief that the coup had been long-planned:

“This has been planned for a long time. There has been a plan to challenge Jeremy for a long time, because many have failed to reconcile themselves with his victory last year.

“They have planned this for months, it would have happened almost whatever happened. They planned this for months, everyone knows that. They held off for the local elections because they didn’t want to disrupt the European campaign.

“I think there has been a group of MPs who have never reconciled themselves with last year’s leadership election and it has never stopped.”

With Hilary Benn and Heidi Alexander both no longer being in Shadow Cabinet, and John McDonnell and Diane Abbott rallying around him, developments were then at an even 2-2 split.

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