By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Sacked: Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn (Top Centre)

The Shadow Cabinet of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is crumbling around him in the face of a coup from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Numerous members of the Shadow Cabinet have resigned in protest of Corbyn’s leadership and the way he and the top-tiers of the Labour Party composed themselves during the European Union Referendum campaign.

It commenced with the sacking of Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn. Benn, whose father was a long-time ally of Corbyn until his departure from Parliament in 2005, was sacked by Corbyn for allegedly orchestrating a coup if Corbyn did not resign as Leader after a Vote of No Confidence. Benn said:

“There is no confidence to win the next election if Jeremy continues as leader.

“In a phone call to Jeremy I told him I had lost confidence in his ability to lead the party and he dismissed me.”

Alistair Campbell, Spin Doctor for Tony Blair during the early years of New Labour tweeted his disapproval:

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