Councillor against decision to close nightclub.


MacsBy Emmi Bowles- Editor-in-Chief

A UCLan student and Preston Councillor says the closure of MACs is ‘unfair’.

Daniel Dewhurst, who is also chair of Preston Conservatives, says the decision is ‘unfair’ and ‘unjust’.

The nightclub was ordered to shut down for three months after an anti-social behaviour incident that happened outside of the club.

The court told owner Andy Mac that members of the public would be put at risk if it was to stay open, as the club had not done enough to control the drunken behaviour of their customers.

Daniel Dewhurst argued: “Practically and legally, this cannot be managed by doormen whose powers are limited to ensuring a safe environment inside the venue. Only the police have the powers to effectively prevent anti-social behaviour on our streets and that is how it must remain. Once we attempt to define it as anything more, the complexity and the responsibility of the issues become too difficult to manage.” He said.

A petition to reopen MACs Bar currently has over 1,500 signatures. Preston City Council’s licensing panel are due to review the license of the premises.



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  1. Andy Mac and his team give so much support to the people of Preston giving support to Evanfest raising £1400 for Bipolar and other charity events all the Mac’s staff are great people, I am 54 ex Landlady of The Lamb on Church street actively involved in the live music scene in Preston, organising events in Preston with so much support we have received from Mac’s team. I have been drinking in Mac’s bar never seeing any trouble just people having a great time and the staff always look after the customers. I would like to say that I feel safer in Mac’s than at the other end of town near Yates etc that end of town is just a thug battle field every time I have been to that end of town have experienced nothing but fights and blood baths leading me to go to Mac’s to continue my night out. Which is why what is happening at Mac’s is so unjustified. Preston would loose a great team if Andy Mac and his team were to move on to another town I would not blame them as they have had so much negativity from the so called authorities. from a disgusted Lynda Lamb

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