The Mannequin Challenge: Best and Worst

November 24, 2016 0

We’ve seen a lot more of our friends and the famous – from A to Z listers – out on social media in this last month. This tells us that there’s yet another online community […]


Top 7 Youtubers

March 16, 2016 0

Ah, the wonderful world of Youtube. It’s the magical place where the good, the bad and the straight-up weird stuff are served on a silver platter (metaphorically speaking) just for our entertainment. But Youtube is […]


[FROM THE PAPER] Social Media: Fact or Fiction?

March 15, 2016 0

Social media nowadays is that powerful we receive news in an instant. Articles pop up, stories are everywhere and links to threads are booming. I think we underestimate just how dominant the internet and social […]

Disney Life, student media, UCLan, Pluto, entertainment, streaming, television, Disney, culture

Disney Life and Chill?

November 20, 2015 0

  By Ashleigh Clarke Say goodbye to your social life and hello to DisneyLife! That’s right, Disney has announced that they are going to be releasing a streaming service available to all fans across the […]

apple watch, contactless payment, student media, UCLan, pluto, student newspaper, technology

Cash, Card…Or Watch?

November 20, 2015 0

  By Sarah Johnson Paying for the finer things in life has now become even easier for the niche market of Apple Watch owners. In our society you can purchase various products by simply using […]

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Fifa 16: Review

October 4, 2015 0

By Caitlin Mclaren – Chief Culture Reporter So we’ve had a week to settle into the new style of Fifa 16 after what seemed a life-time of waiting! There have been vast improvements of both game play, graphics […]

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