An Interview with Dark Waves

Dark Waves (Nick Long) performing.

Our Deputy Culture Editor Priscila Sarmento interviewed up and coming act Dark Waves last month before his performance at Manchester’s Dot to Dot festival.

Dark Waves discovered music at the age of five after being bought a drum set by his parents.

His interest in this art form quickly grew as he began piano lessons at the age of six, and started to learn guitar when turning eight.

From a young age Dark Waves music taste was very different to his friends as he liked blues, and admired artists Allan Wolf and T-Bone Walker.

The name Dark Waves was agreed upon by frontman Nick Long and his label as they thought it related to the song lyrics and the music’s dark theme.

Nick told Pluto: “I tend to write about difficult times in my life and some of them are about relationships or just about stuff that people struggle with in life. It is not all meant to be sad and heavy but a lot of them have darker themes that come in waves in my life.”

Nick’s music has been described as “electro-romantic” in other articles but he would describe his music as “dark indie pop”. His main musical influences are Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Pusha T, Popcaan, and Vybz Kartel.

He added: “It’s kinda boring hearing the same safe thing over and over again”.

Nick loves his music and takes pride when people contact him saying it helps them with their problems.

He said: “I’ve felt the same way with other people’s music and to touch someone like that, make their day better is an amazing powerful thing”.

The American singer expressed his love for the UK and the history its cities lay home too, but he feels it was the English food (Especially pasties), that captured his heart.

If you want to know more about Dark Waves (Nick Long) go to his website or check his SoundCloud page here

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